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Shaping a Solar-Powered Future, Together

Creating a more sustainable world since 2011

Solar energy is our Strength

IGIS delivers top-notch solar projects

A team of engineers installing solar panels on a large metal frame in an open field under a clear sky

About Solar Business

At IGIS, we are committed to shaping a more sustainable and energy-efficient future. Since our inception, we have dedicated ourselves to leading the solar revolution by providing innovative solar energy solutions to our partners and clients.


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Installation of Solar Panels



Home solar power plants are becoming more and more popular, and are certainly one of the best investments for every household. Solar modules are most often mounted on the roofs of houses in order to use the available sunlight. This allows homeowners to generate clean energy for their own needs and, in some cases, even sell excess energy back to the grid. Home solar power plants are a sustainable and cost-effective way for individuals to reduce their carbon footprint while enjoying energy independence.

Residential house roof equipped with solar panels harnessing sunlight for energy
Solar panels set against the backdrop of a modern city skyline under a sunny sky

Commercial and Industrial

Companies and industry especially benefit from installing solar panels in their facilities. In addition to reducing energy costs, which ultimately means a more competitive price of the end product, this is certainly a sustainable strategy that shows responsibility towards the environment. Solar solutions for business and industrial clients can be customized to meet specific energy needs and sustainability goals.

Public Facilities

Public und private facilities, such as schools, hospitals, government, shopping malls, office buildings, and more, have also embraced solar energy as part of their efforts to reduce energy costs and minimize environmental impact. Solar installations in public facilities exemplify a commitment to environmental stewardship and fiscal responsibility.

Array of solar panels installed on the roof of a commercial building to provide sustainable energy
Solar panels located in a serene natural setting, surrounded by green foliage and trees

Solar Farms

In some areas, solar farms have been created for large-scale energy production, while at the same time enabling the exploitation of the same land for agricultural purposes. These farms consist of large fields of solar panels spread over specially designated agricultural land. Solar farms play a key role in meeting the renewable energy needs of regions and countries, significantly contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable energy grid.

Island/OFF Grid Solar Systems

New modern materials and today's technology have made possible prefabricated solutions for living spaces, far from the public network, from big cities we come across unimaginable construction solutions. Modern prefabricated houses in nature, on cliffs or high in the hills need an independent power supply system. We at IGIS have been dealing with island energy supply systems for more than 10 years.

Smart City Solutions

Modern times, urban environments, rapid technological progress produce more and
more battery-powered devices. Charge your laptop, electric bike or cell phone while
enjoying your free time in the park, or in the square, sitting or lying on our unique
solar tree or solar lounger. Curved and specially processed tree branches, solar
modules in the form of leaves, ergonomically curved shape of the lying surface - we
believe that we have succeeded in creating unique products, once assembled they
attract every passerby. 


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